'I can't remember the last time I felt grass between my toes...'

So said Shani as we took a moment in between shots on our beautiful early morning maternity shoot in Walthamstow. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, and with a soft smile, gently cradled her bump and raised her face to the warm morning sun as it appeared over the trees. It was a wonderful moment to witness, a mother taking a pause to honour her body and baby, and appreciate the natural world around her.

I love these moments on motherhood shoots... when both of us have relaxed into the shoot, we've connected over stories of pregnancy and motherhood, and you are feeling like the powerful woman you are. The nerves have gone and you truly believe me when I tell you how strong you look. You hold yourself taller, proud of the changes your body is undertaking and of the first home you are giving your baby. These are the empowering goddess moments I look for and capture on our shoot, the magical moments of your motherhood to keep forever.

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Maternity photography can seem like luxury - both in money and time - but I can think of no better way to honour your motherhood journey than documenting it with professional motherhood photography. Give me an hour to document this phase of life, and I will give you a lifetime of memories, of images to show your children and most importantly, help you see the powerful woman you are.

Thanks to Shani for getting up early and greeting the sun with me, you are pure magic.