An at home newborn shoot London with Lydia and family

London newborn photography by fields photography london

The best bit about having your newborn shoot at home?

You can RELAX! Believe me when I tell you that I don't care if things are a bit messy or you're a bit dishevlled when you open the door because you just got milk everywhere and a nappy needed changing. I KNOW. I've been there (I'm still there! - two year olds make way more mess than newborns!) Being at home for your newborn shoot means we can handle the baby rollercoaster together and just gently let everything happen just as it needs to.

I'll probably arrive with some pastries anyway, and make sure we all have a cup of tea first, have a chat and get to know each other (or catch up!) and I will take a look around for the best patches of light. You can stay snuggled on the sofa, enjoying real family moments just like Lydia here with her gorgeous girl and new tiny boy.

We started slowly...

... once the tea was finished and everybody was relaxed, and I simply documented the four of them together on the sofa. Then, a few photos of the two children, with big sister giving her new little brother the tiniest and most gentle of kisses. We had a brief interlude and I was treated to a gymnastics display in the garden over another cup of tea, as Lydia had a feeding break with the baby.

...then it was time for an outfit change

and I headed upstairs with Lydia for some quiet mum and baby time. I have a client wardrobe available for all shoots, and for this one Lydia had chosen this beautiful full length robe. A little feed and nappy change for the baby whilst I steamed Lydia's gown, and we set up a make shift backdrop using a curtain just in front of the wardrobe where the light was hitting beautifully. All of these moments just naturally evolved - Lydia was holding her baby close and snuggling him already, so all I had to do was guide her into the light. A beautifully calm twenty minutes, gorgeously shot and memories preserved forever.

Then it was back into the heart of the family...

...a wander back down the stairs, and more snuggles on the sofa with big sis coming in for a peek. Real family moments, capturing you and yours just as you are.

These are the days and these are the moments.

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