Winter newborn shoot

One of the joys of having a winter baby is having the perfect excuse to stay curled up at home on the sofa! Why pull on all the layers to go outside into the cold air when you can stay in your cozy cottage living room and snuggle with your boys? That is exactly what Becky did for her wonderfully warm at home newborn shoot in North London.

When I arrived, Baby T was fast asleep, enjoying a little snooze (practically!) under the Christmas tree. So we left him to it, had a cup of tea, and big brother R showed me some of his favourite toys and I was even allowed to have a go at doing a Paw Patrol puzzle (although he did make it hard for me by not letting me see the picture on the box!). When Baby T started to stir a little bit, we made a cozy nest for him in the pool of soft winter light coming through the living room winter, and when Becky moved him, he just settled straight back to sleep again. It was the perfect opportunity to capture all his sweet sleeping newness. I am obsessed by how babies sleep with their hands in the air - my second baby did it all the time! - and I made sure to capture that detail. Between Becky and I, we also managed to get some soft tender moments between the brothers, images I know will be treasured even more in the future than they are now.

Sure enough, Baby T woke for a feed, and we had two very contrasting situations rolling out - quiet moments between Becky and her baby, and a very active toddler running around the living room, rolling in blankets and playing peekaboo with the camera! The images from this part of the shoot portray that chaos perfectly - still, intimate breastfeeding portraits and the soft focus, blurred edged images of R rushing around in full toddler mode. I absolutely loved it! With two boys of my own, I know *exactly* what this season of life is like. My aim is to capture that for your authentically, just gently letting your day unfold the way it normally would and recording these moments for you.

Once Baby T had finished his feed, we made sure to capture some snuggles between Becky and R, before everyone curled up on the sofa together... the cuddles didn't last long though, and R was soon up rushing around and asking for his lunch. Time for me to go, memories captured and fun had by all.

01 / 12

Amy was fantastic - full of creative ideas which was great for a sleep deprived mum of a newborn and toddler. She was wonderful with my three year old, really bringing him out of his shell. The whole experience was relaxed and joyful. I wouldn’t hesitate to book another shoot with her. The edited photos were sent through to us within a few days which considering it was so close to Christmas was incredible! We are so happy with our photos and can’t wait to put them up in our house!

Becky's google review about our cozy winter newborn shoot

Thank you Becky and your lovely little family for having me document you all, just as you are.