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I love all the photography services I offer, but there is something very special about working alone with a mum-to-be or a mum with her baby. An intimate photoshoot like this, with just you and me (and maybe your babe), allows you and you motherhood to take centre stage in a way we often don't experience in everyday life (or not for much of the time, anyway). Motherhood shoots are a celebration of you, your strength and all the love you hold for your baby. Even if you arrive at a shoot tired or not feeling your 'best', I know you will still be doing all the tender, caring things you do for your child - mothers need very little direction when having their photo taken with their babies, because you are always holding, stroking and kissing them! Beautiful images don't come from you looking perfect; they come from allowing yourself to be tender and vulnerable, and letting me capture you, just as you are.

I booked Lite Studio in Weedon, Northamptonshire for these beautiful breastfeeding mini sessions. I love Alina (the owner of the studio), I love all the windows (on both sides of the studio!), and I love that Alina has set up the space with different zones, walls and backdrops so you can create different moods within one shoot. For me, it is the perfect location for a mum and baby mini shoot in Northamptonshire, because there is so much space and potential for a wide variety of shots. It means that you get a varied gallery of images to choose from, and there is also lots of room for outfit changes and nappy changes.

For these sessions, mamas started on the chaise lounge in their jeans and t-shirts for some quiet cuddles and feeding shots. I asked mums to come along to the shoot in their everyday t shirt and jeans, and so everyone was ready to head straight into their shoot. Mini shoots are only twenty minutes long, but with good planning we have plenty of opportunity for an outfit change in the middle of the shoot.

We had such a lovely experience at our motherhood shoot. Amy was really friendly, made me feel comfortable and the shoot itself felt very relaxed. The images are beautiful. She has captured some really special moments between my daughter and I and I know that I am going to cherish them for a very long time to come.

Thank you Amy xx

Kate's motherhood mini shoot review (Google reviews)

For the second half of their shoot, mum chose items from my client wardrobe and we moved to a different part of the studio. In all the photos below, mums and babies are wearing items from my own collection. I also made a few props - a hanging blossom installation and some flower crowns - that mums could wear if they chose to.

Everyone relaxes as we work together, and personalities start to come out more - babies play along with peekaboo, or give me cheeky looks. Some become so relaxed they fall asleep! I love being able to capture all the details for you - a tiny hand pulling hair, toes curling, ringlets of hair - things you think you will remember, but will fade over time.

Thank you to all my wonderful mums and babes for being perfectly you, I loved all of these sessions celebrating your motherhood.

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I had a wonderful experience with Amy at a recent shoot. She really put me at ease, giving direction and encouragement throughout. The photos are absolute beautiful and something I will treasure forever.

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These are the days and these are the moments

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