What is a model call and why do I have model call shoots?

Every so often I get the urge to create something a bit different, or I'm in a new place and the opportunity arises to make art with new people. I want to experiment and find new ways of showing the raw beauty and power of pregnancy and motherhood. Sometimes I have new items in my client wardrobe that I want to shoot so I can show them off in my portfolio, and sometimes I am running workshops for my photography community Wild Women and need models for creative shoots. Models should be prepared to show skin and get a little cold and wet sometimes, although rest assured that we will work through the shoot together and ensure that you are comfortable. I am looking for fearless women to trust in my ideas and work with me to create some motherhood magic.

What do I get?

In return for your time as a model and full consent for image sharing online, you get to be photographed by a professional motherhood photographer free of charge. You will have access to the final gallery of images and will be able to download a set number of photographs completely free of charge. If the model call is for a workshop, there will be a fee available too in the region of £50-£100.

Sounds wonderful! Do you have any opportunities coming up?

I am currently looking for:

A visibly pregnant mum-to-be for a workshop near Colchester, in the early evening of Thursday 16th May. There will be 5-6 photographers at the event who will work with you individually or in pairs for around ten minutes at a time. We will be shooting outside and you should expect to show some skin, in line with work you see on this site. You will receive a gallery of around 20 images that you can download for free and a small fee from me as the organiser of the event. You may also get some images from other photographers attending the event (although this cannot be guaranteed).

If this model call appeals to you, please complete this form to register your interest. This is an inclusive space, and any pregnant person is free to register if you feel this is something you would like to be involved in.