The Magic of Motherhood

They say time is a thief... one minute you are gently stroking your growing bump, the next your little one is walking, talking and getting ready to start school...

Document your motherhood journey with me, and give yourself

the gift of time stopped still.

Simply Motherhood

One hour, one location. Motherhood, newborn or family. Take me to your favourite place and let's make magic together. Includes ten digital images with the option to upgrade your gallery.


The Essence of Motherhood

For when an hour or one location just isn't enough... Let's document more of your story and create a bespoke shoot just for you. I love to collaborate and hear your ideas!

From £500 - contact me

The Poetry of Motherhood

NEW! A fully collaborative shoot - you and your littles, doing your favourite thing. Documented forever in photographs and a poem, composed just for you by writer Carl Burkitt. The poetry of your everyday - let's create heirlooms together.


Mini shoot

Short and sweet minis are the perfect way to try out a photoshoot. Mini sessions run in London & Northamptonshire throughout the year - sign up to my newsletter to hear dates! Three digital files included with the option to upgrade your gallery.

Twenty minutes: From £145


Do you travel?

Yes! I love to explore and discover new parts of the country - additional costs may apply. HOWEVER - I also let my newsletter readers know if I am travelling and if I am available for shoots whilst I am away!

One hour, one location - will all my photos be in the same spot?

Absolutely not! One location means we pick a favourite location - it could be your home, the local woods or beach - and we find ALL the good spots there for taking photographs! If we're at your home, of course we can go into the garden or to the park down the road. If we're out in the countryside, of course we will wander around and find different backdrops for your images.

If you want to take photographs in two completely different locations - such as in your home, and then a favourite waterfall a 30 minute drive away - then we should talk about building a bespoke Essence of Motherhood shoot for you. If it means getting in the car or on the tube, we need more than an hour together to create proper magic without feeling hurried.

What if my baby won't stop crying / my toddler won't play along?

Firstly, I am a mum of two small boys - I get it! You just want *one* photo of the whole family together, smiling and looking happy. The best advice I can give you is to just go with the flow, and let me gently guide you and your family through the shoot. We talk beforehand to decide on the best time and place to work together, and think about how to make it work for everybody involved. I will always allow enough time for getting all the shots we need; nappy change? No problem. Snack pit stop? Hope you've brought enough biscuits for me, too!

Secondly, I have NEVER had a completely disastrous photoshoot with any children (other than my own!!!). I hope I haven't jinxed it by writing that down, but my husband thinks I have endless patience and my 15 year teaching career has given me a wealth of experience in working with children of all ages. On shoots, I find that happy children mean happy parents, so I absolutely do not mind being led by the things they want to do - it usually leads to me capturing images of the 'real' them anyway, doing the things they most enjoy.

Can you make my nose/tummy/arms smaller and hide my flaws?

If retouching is what you are looking for, I am not the photographer for you. I believe all faces and bodies are worthy of beautiful, professional photography, and as such I do not offer retouching services as standard. I am passionate about helping people, and in particular mothers, see the beauty in themselves - just as they are, just as their loved ones see them. And if you take a look at my self portraits, you will see I live this ethos and all my lines are there to see!

What kit do you use?

I shoot on the Canon R5 camera with prime lenses. I use Adobe Lightroom and (very *very* occasionally) Photoshop for my editing. And if you're very lucky, you might get to see me flying my DJI mini drone (badly! I need more practise!)

What might surprise me on our shoot?

Well, I'm not sure what previous photographic experiences you've had, but I love to hear your ideas - creating your images is something we do together, after all! You might be surprised if I start waving things in front of my lens, or ask you to dance, or take your shoes off and splash in the stream... but don't be! It is all part of the magic making. If you're reading this though, I think you probably like what you've seen so far and are absolutely the kind of person who would lay down in a field in the name of art! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch!