A RELAXED family photoSHOOT IN essex

The best way to celebrate a new addition to the family?

Book a photoshoot! Last week I wrote about the top five gifts you can give to new parents, and the last suggestion was a gift certificate for a family photoshoot. Well, Gangotri's sister-in-law did exactly that! After a shoot back in March, my client M got in touch wanting to gift a shoot to her brother and sister-in-law to celebrate their new arrival - and the shoot was as fun and wonderful as it looks!

And so, on a warm afternoon at the end of summer, I met Gangotri and her family in a green corner in Essex and explored a hidden spot near a fishing lake. Finding secluded, wild places is important to me on our shoots...and yes, it is possible even in London and busy Essex parks! I want you all to feel relaxed and enjoy your time together, rather than worry about other people watching what we are doing! In quiet corners, your little ones are free to explore the world as they would if I wasn't there, and I carefully document real family moments as you just enjoy being, exploring, and playing with each other.

During our family shoots, I make sure I document individuals, the adults separately with each of your children, the adults together, the children together... I do all this without posing you, and instead encourage games or give inquisitive toddlers tasks such as 'can you find a pretty leaf for your brother?!' so we can take a quiet moment for more intimate shots with babies. The best family shoots are the ones where everybody relaxes, forgets about the camera and just plays along - and the more the adults play and have fun, the more the children do, too! Gangotri's family were a dream to photograph, and were determined to enjoy their photoshoot experience - and it really shows in their beautiful gallery.

I love to capture all the real moments - so the fleeting tantrums, the tears over the duck food running out, the belly laughs when dad blows a raspberry, the grumpy faces when mum says no to another snack, big sis tenderly holding her little brother's hand - and Gangotri's two little ones gave me everything! This family chose to upgrade and download their entire gallery, and you can see why - I have really enjoyed revisiting this gallery, and have been smiling to myself all over again remembering our afternoon together!

Your real family moments, they way you want to remember them.

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Oh my gosh Amy!!! These photos are amazing. I cannot thank you enough for capturing the afternoon for us and helping to savour these precious memories!

Email from Gangotri after she received her images

Thank you Gangotri and your lovely little family for having me document you all, just as you are.